Bodegas Montevannos

Our vineyard estate covers approximately 300 hectares (741 acres). Three fourths of the terrain was planted before 1950 with Tinta Fina grape variety (Tempranillo). Montevannos owns 50 hectares of the Tinta Fina and Merlot varieties placed at over 900 metres above sea level.

This particular fact, together with the thorough and constant care of each vine, the meticulousness in picking up the best grapes during the harvest season, the climatic and soil conditions of the Ribera, which boasts dry summers, severe winters and few rainfalls concentrating mainly in the spring and autumn months, grounds of fertile clay and chalky soil and a soft orography, are all essential factors in the growing and ripening process of our grapes, and contribute to grant our wines a unique character and a strong personality.